Increase your sales by unlocking hidden revenue by simply A/B testing your product prices.

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Why Dexter?

Dexter is the most straightforward app in the Shopify app store to test your product prices, increase your AOV and get more $$$ in the bank. Just launch a test in 60 secs and witness the magic!

Simultaneous testing

Dexter is one of the very few apps that let you price test a product simultaneously in a given time whereas others do basic AB tests – v1 for week 1, v2 for week 2, and so on.

Simplified analytics

We uncomplicate things – we monitor the revenue per 100 visitors to tell which price is doing well at a glance.

Compatible throughout the test

Dexter is compatible with remarketing & cart recovery – users will see the exact price throughout the test.

Good fit

During your first test, we’ll verify whether Dexter is compatible with your Shopify theme within 30 minutes and let you know whether we’re a good fit for your store.

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