Staytuned and Zendrop Announce Strategic Merger

Staytuned and Zendrop Announce Strategic Merger

Staytuned, a leading provider of Shopify ecommerce software, and Zendrop, a prominent dropshipping platform, are thrilled to announce their strategic merger. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies as they unite their strengths to offer merchants a comprehensive set of tools to maximize their Shopify store’s potential.  As a profitable operating entity, the company will continue to invest in growth and pursue other acquisitions.

The merger represents a natural progression in the commitment of both Staytuned and Zendrop to empowering ecommerce merchants with powerful and intuitive tools for business growth. Both Staytuned and Zendrop have always focused on refining their software, understanding merchants deeply, and relentlessly pursuing improvement. This dedication stems from the shared belief that meaningful value is created at the intersection of intuitive software and an empathetic, empowering merchant experience.

A Shared Vision for Empowering Merchants

“In Zendrop, we have found a partner who shares our belief in the marriage of software and service to create an exceptional merchant experience,” said Serge Kassardjian, Co-Founder and CEO of Staytuned. “This strategic alignment allows us to offer Shopify merchants a more comprehensive toolbox to drive profits and success. By combining Staytuned’s expertise with Zendrop’s leading dropshipping solutions, we are in a position to revolutionize the way merchants operate on Shopify. “This merger represents creating value greater than the sum of its parts. Not only are Staytuned and Zendrop aligned on a similar mission to fuel merchants, but both teams are thrilled to share lessons to inspire better merchant experiences across the board,” added Lauralynn Drury, VP of Product at Staytuned.

Improved Merchant Experience and Strategic Advantage

The merger will fuel Zendrop’s rapid growth trajectory, leveraging Staytuned’s ability to partner with other applications in the market to drive both organic and inorganic growth. By combining forces, Staytuned and Zendrop will offer a more seamless and efficient experience for merchants, helping them scale their businesses more effectively.

“Zendrop is excited to push our company to the next phase of growth by partnering with a reputable name in the market” said Jared Goetz, the CEO of Zendrop. “This partnership allows us to rapidly progress our mission: to provide aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs and business owners with tools, services, and guidance that maximize their success.”

Revolutionizing the Shopify Ecosystem

With a holistic Shopify app stack, Staytuned and Zendrop empower merchants with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce. From inventory management to automated pricing and customizable size charts, merchants will have access to a full suite of solutions that streamline their operations and maximize their profits.

“All ecommerce merchants need sourcing and fulfillment, but they also need add-on tools to help them generate sales, which Staytuned can help provide,” added Ben Furtado, President of Zendrop “This strategic advantage positions Zendrop as a more competitive player in the ecommerce solutions market, equipped with a robust portfolio of integrated tools.