Apps that help you scale

Staytuned’s portfolio of Shopify apps empowers merchants to accelerate their business beyond what they thought was possible.

Automatic Discounts and Gifts App

The most robust discounting app a Shopify store can have (and should have).


Increase sales and reduce return rates by displaying the correct sizes to your customers.


Sell event tickets right within the Shopify platform without breaking a sweat.

Box Builder

Increase your store’s AOV by letting customers create gift boxes and custom bundles.

Ultimate Upsell

Upsell single products à la carte, bundles & subscriptions.


Apply discount codes or gift cards in a cart, before checkout.


Build a big dropshipping business with 1M products, auto-fulfillment, fast shipping, and top support.

Wholesale Pricing Now WOD

Wholesale B2B pricing with order forms without a second store.

Bulk Discounts Now WOD

Offer bulk discounts and tiered pricing to customers with ease.

Pre‑Order Now WOD

Pre-Order with badges, partial payments & back in stock emails.

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