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It goes both ways. Here are a few things that we love to see when we buy an app:


We build and acquire proven Shopify apps that drive sales or deliver a tangible experience, which, in turn, accelerates the brand’s growth.

Merchant-minded support

Growing an ecom brand isn’t easy—and sometimes you need more help than an FAQ or video can provide. Our full-time, in-house customer experience team is trained to quickly understand your unique challenges and develop solutions.

Experienced team

This isn’t a cliche—all our team members have previously built, scaled and sold ecommerce companies and understand what it takes to build multi-million dollar brands.

Our (simple) process

If all goes well, you can sell your app in less than 5 weeks.

Quick meeting

Our executives meet with your team to get a brief idea about your business.

Send over some details

We will ask you to send over more details on your business health and overall growth.

Due diligence

We will do our due diligence and verify everything you sent over while also talking to your customers and other relevant parties.


If all goes well, we’ll make you an offer and close the deal ASAP.

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