Instantly increase your AOV for your Shopify Plus store by adding an irresistible offer at checkout.

Why AOVboost?

With rising ad costs, you need alternative revenue sources. AOVboost is one such way where you can add ~$4k/month easily.

Several offer types

Choose from various offer types to show at checkout – a full-price offer, a discounted offer, or a free gift with purchase.

Customize your offer block

You can completely customize the offer block to match your store’s branding – change colors, add padding and do all kinds of cool stuff.

Add multiple offers

Entice your customers further by allowing them to choose from multiple offers. That way you increase your chance of a conversion.


AOVboost gives you all the data you need to gauge the ROI— number of views on the offer, number of times the offer converted, total revenue, and over what time.

Our customers AOVboost

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