Increase revenue by ~80% with AI-based personalized discounts that help convert on-the-fence site visitors.

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Why Moonship?

Moonship is a one-of-a-kind app that leverages machine learning to show personalized offers that fit the visitor’s profile, thus ensuring additional revenue.

Nudge the non-customer

About 97% of your site visitors don’t convert. Moonship leverages this gap by showing them contextual offers, which, in turn, leads to a sale.

Advanced algorithm

Our advanced AI shows personalized discounts to your site visitors based on demographics, timing, location, on-site behavior, and shop information. In other words, offers that turn into a sale.

Make it

Moonship is designed to align with your brand style. Customize the discount pop-up the way you want.

Extremely simple to use

Moonship takes less than 5 mins to install and set up an offer. Once you do, sit back and watch as sales flow in.

Our customers Moonship

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